You have likely landed on this page because you were sent a chocolate bar with my website address on it. If you are curious enough to log in here, I can assume it is for one of the following reasons:

1. You are wondering if the chocolate is edible. (Yes, it is mocha almond Hersheys actually)

2. You find my design skills captivating. In this case, I implore you to explore the rest of my website.

3. You work for Hershey's and are here to collect my details to sue me for a law I have never heard of.
If that is the case, my contact info is on this page.

I am a San Francisco based designer who is looking to work regularly on more B2C design work. If you are thnking "well, we really don't do too much packaging", well then - neither do I! I just thought up an idea and figured out a way to do it. That is, after all, my job.

So don't be a stranger - I stopped by a few weeks ago and dropped off a booklet with some work in it - and I am going to keep trying various things until I find challenging work. If you find my efforts impressive so far, chances are someone else will too. All this motivation and hanging myself out on the line will be working for your competition soon enough, so give me a call (510.717.7204) or email me for a chat any time!